North Kelsey and District Mixed Tennis Leagues

General Rules and Regulations

  General Rules
2 Couple MidWeek Rules
2 Couple Weekend Rules
Mens League Rules
Winter League Rules
  Organisation (Rules 1 to 8)
1. Name  

The League shall be known as the North Kelsey and District Tennis League (hereinafter called the League).

2. Officers  
  The Officers shall consist of a Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer and Fixtures Secretary. These shall be elected at the A.G.M.
3. Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.)

The A.G.M. shall be held in February or March each year and the business shall be:-

  1. To elect Officers
  2. To receive Reports and a Balance Sheet
  3. To consider and proposals and matters affecting the League.
  4. Executive Committee  
    The Committee responsible for transacting the business of the League shall be called the Executive Committee and shall consist of the Officers, together with one representative from each of the Clubs constituting the League.
  5. Executive Committee Meetings
    The Committee shall meet as required. A minimum of 21 days notice of all meetings shall be sent by post to all Officers and Clubs.
  6. Management Committee
    The Management Committee shall consist of the Officers. They shall meet as necessary to discuss League matters and make any necessary decisions as defined in these rules and, where appropriate, make recommendations to the Executive Committee.
  7. Voting at Executive Committee Meetings
    Each Club shall have one vote only. The Chairman shall have the casting vote. Prospective Clubs to the League do not have the right to vote at the A.G.M.
    A Club in arrears in respect of subscriptions at the time of the A.G.M. shall have no voice or vote on any matter.
  8. Alteration to Rules  
    Any proposed alteration to rules should be sent to the Secretary by 31st December and such proposals circulated to Clubs at least 21 days before that A.G.M.
  9. Within 48 hours of the date of an arranged match the Secretary of the winning team shall post the result of the match on the official score sheet to the League Secretary.
    This Rule must be adhered to at all times
  10. In the event of a match not being decided or not played, the Secretary of the home team shall notify the League Secretary, giving details as fully as possible.
  11. Dates of re-arranged matches should be notified to the League Secretary as soon as they are known.
  12. All differences and disputes shall be referred to the League Secretary with particulars in writing from both Clubs. The Management Committee's decision shall be final.
  13. The annual subscription shall be fixed at each A.G.M and be payable by the 1st May.
  14. Divisional trophies will be presented to the Champions of all Divisions.
  15. A fine of 10 will be imposed on each Club not attending the A.G.M / Fixture meeting. An apology will not be acceptable.
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