North Kelsey and District Mixed Tennis Leagues

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  Changes of notable size or importance made to this web site are listed below.
  16 September, 2018

Winter League Rules Added

Winter League Division 1 and Division 2 Fixtures added.

Winter League Division 1 and Division 2 Contacts added


  23 March, 2012

2012 League Fixtures added:- Mens League, Weekend League and Midweek League,

2012 League Contacts added: Mens League, Weekend League and Midweek League

League tables readied for the start of the season

Mens League scorecard added


  31 August. 2011

Winners of Men's League, Midweek League and Weekend Division 1 added

Winter League Rules Added as PDF document for ease of printing

Winter League Division 1 and Division 2 Fixtures added.

Winter League Division 1 and Division 2 Contacts added

  12 May, 2011

Web site moved to a new host to allow more interactive facilities.

Mens Scorecard redesigned to reflect change in format.

New upload routine devised to incorporate a 'Send Score' button for matches where results are not yet known. Check out the Mens Fixtures / Results page to see it!

A new Calendar added which shows all of the fixtures. An RSS feed from the calendar is incorporated onto the front page.

  12 April, 2011

Summer League details added:-
Weekend Fixtures and Contacts
Midweek Fixtures and Contacts
Mens League Fixtures and Contacts

Rules pages all updated and downloads added for 2011

  4 November, 2010 Notable events in the history of the league updated.
Mens League Winners Roll added.
Weekend League Winners Roll updated.
Midweek Mixed League Winners Roll updated.
Winter League Winners Roll updated.
History of League updated.
  20 April, 2010 Fixtures and Contacts for Mens League added.  
    Interactive Scorecard now made to work 'Server Side' i.e. independent of Email programs on the users computer.  
  29 March, 2010 Fixtures and Contacts for 2 Couple Weekend Divisions 1 & 2, and 2 Couple Mid-week League added  
    Gainsborough and Scotter Tournaments added to Calendar  
  7 March, 2010 Link to AGM Notes added to front page  
  7 February, 2010 AGM Notice added to front page  
  14 September, 2009 2009/10 Winter League Fixtures and Contacts posted  
  16 April, 2009

League Fixtures for Summer Weekend Mixed and Mid-week Mixed now added.

AGM agrees that from now on Results to be sent to the League through the web site

  30 June, 2008 For some reason known to Microsoft the buttons to 'View the Table' on the Fixtures pages didn't work in Internet Explorer but did in other browsers like Firefox which are written to comply more closely with the web standards. However, a workaround has now been implemented which has them working again, in all of the browsers that I have tried - let me know if you find any problems with the site!  
  27 April, 2008 Pat Clarke of Caistor becomes the first person to send in a scorecard electronically through the web site.  
  18 April, 2008 Interactive Scorecard now made to work 'Server Side' i.e. independent of Email programs on the users computer  
  8 April, 2008 Last results for Winter League (Division 2) added  
  30 March, 2008 Fixtures and Team Contacts for 2008 Mid-week and Weekend Leagues added  
  8 March, 2008 New pages devised for Winter Fixtures and Winter Division Tables. These pages are created from an Excel Spreadsheet running a Visual Basic Script.  
  12 February, 2008  
  12 January, 2008 Web site moved to new host... advert free!  
  28 November, 2007 November Newsletter added  
  21 November, 2007 Some more history pages from Keith Wadd  
    Chronology of events  
    Weekend Winners  
    Mid-week League Winners  
    Knock-out Cup Winners  
    Tournament winners  
  14 November, 2007 A brief history of the League by Keith Wadd added  
  3 November, 2007 Club Locations page added which puts all of the Clubs on a Google Map  
    Using the Google maps and satellite images you can zoom in to see the court markings  
    - the images are that good!  
  20 April, 2007 All Fixtures and Contacts for 2007 added  
    New, more reliable menu system added  
  17 April, 2007 Index of Clubs Page updated for 2007 Season  
  27 February, 2007 Try out the interactive scorecard  
  31 October, 2006 All results added.  
    Final Tables for all Divisions added in pop up windows  
    Location maps for Gainsborough and Scotter added  
  2nd August, 2006 Results to 1st August added and League Tables updated  
  17th July, 2006 Results to 17th July and League Tables added to Fixtures Pages  
  25th June, 2006 Results to 25th June added to Fixtures pages for all Divisions  
    18th May, 2006    
      Documents for 2006 added for download  
      Fixtures and Contacts for 2006 added  
    12 December, 2005    
      Added location plans for Epworth, St James and Tealby  
      Separated Fixtures and Contact on menu for easier access  
      Created league set-up in Competitions Manager on (the LTA) web site ready for 2006 season  
    20th April, 2005    
      Fixtures and Contacts for 2005 added  
    31st January, 2005    
      Date of AGM added to text scroller  
    January, 2005    
      Web site created.  
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