North Kelsey and District Mixed Tennis Leagues

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The league operates around the village of North Kelsey in Lincolnshire, UK, which is shown on the map below. Move your mouse over the map to see a larger area.


The format of the two couple league incorporates both ladies doubles, mens doubles and mixed doubles matches. Each team comprises four people; two ladies and two men - just enough for a car full!

Each match starts with the Ladies playing a doubles match against their opposing Ladies and the Men similarly play a doubles match. Following that match, the teams play two mixed matches against each of their opponents.

All of the matches are timed to last 40 minutes and a record of the games won and lost are kept.

The winning team is the team ending up with a total of more games won than the other team.

There are Weekend, Mid-week and Winter Leagues. The Winter Leagues operate at Grange Park in the Tennis Bubble on Saturday evenings.

Matches in mid-week commence at 6:00pm and weekend matches usually start at 2:00pm although other start times can be arranged by mutual consent.

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  Page updated :- 1 April, 2008