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2 Couple Weekend Rules
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  League System (Rules 1 to 4)  
1. Divisional System  

The Competition shall be divided into Divisions. Each team shall play the other teams in that Division once at home and once away.

2. Teams and Players  
  Teams shall consist of 2 men and 2 ladies, all of whom must be bona-fide members of that Club  
  A player must not represent more than one Club in the competition in the same season, unless prior permission is gained from the Secretary.  
  Any Club may enter a second team in the League. If they do so they must send to the Secretary before the first match of the season, the names of two men and two ladies whom they consider best for their first team.  
3. Clubs with more than one team in the League  

For a Club with more than one team in the League, whether the teams be in the same or different divisions, any player who has played more than twice in the 1st team shall not subsequently be eligible to play in the 2nd team in the current season except by permission of the Management Committee

  4. Promotion / Relegation  
    At the end of the season the bottom team in each division (except the lowest) will be relegated and the top team in each Division (except Division 1) will be promoted. This subject to the recommendations of the Management Committee at the following seasons fixture meeting, when Clubs resigning from or applying to the League are known.  
  Arrangement of Matches (Rules 5 to 8)
  5. On some date before the month of May, the League will hold a fixture meeting. All Clubs intending to play in the League during that season should be present. The Club representatives will arrange the fixtures at this meeting.  
  6. All fixtures must be honoured on the arranged date. Failure to do so will result in the loss of points for that match. Claims for the points as a result of default are to be made in writing to the League Secretary. He will then contact the other Club to substantiate the claim.  
    The only reasons for failure to play shall be inclement weather and/or unsatisfactory condition of the courts due to the weather. Any dispute, other than weather, must be put to the Management Committee.  
    In the case of postponed matches the Secretary of the Home Club must notify the League Secretary of the postponement.  
  7. If two Clubs cannot agree on a re-arranged date before the 31st August, then the Management Committee will fix a date on which this match must be played. The team failing to complete the fixture shall be deemed to have conceded the match.  
  8. Contact regarding the fixtures must be between the Match Secretaries of the two Clubs or in their absence by alternative contact for the Club.  
    It is the duty of the Home Club Secretary to confirm the fixture and to agree a time for start of play. This contact should take place at least 3 days before the match. One Secretary shall not wait for the other.  
    Rules of Play (Rules 9 to 20)  
  9. Unless otherwise agreed, matches shall commence on Saturdays and Sundays at 2:30 p.m.  
  10. If players are not on court and ready to play within half an hour for weekend matches of the agreed time for starting, the defaulting team forfeits one game for every 3 complete minutes from the original start time.  
  11. New balls shall be provided by the Home Team and must be balls officially authorised by the L.T.A. The suitability of the balls selected shall be agreed by the two captains.  
  12. The match shall consist of 3 rounds of play, made up of 5 minutes practice followed by 40 minutes of play .  
  13. Order of play as follows:-  
    1st  - 45 minutes   Mens and Ladies Doubles  
    2nd  - 45 minutes   Mixed 1st play each other  
          Mixed 2nd play each other  
    3rd  - 45 minutes   Mixed 1st play Mixed 2nd  
    Visitors stay on same court in last 2 rounds.  
  14. Continuous play shall take place for 40 minutes per round and the result shall be decided by the total games won by each team from six rubbers. If games are level, the match shall be deemed a tie and each team shall receive one point.  
  15. Home Captain is responsible for time keeping.  
  16. If the weather halts play, then, in the event of two rounds having been completed, games played in the third round shall be ignored and the match decided on the sum of games on the two completed rounds. If games are equal, then the match will be deemed a tie and each team shall receive one point.  
  17. 10 games per rubber, not completed or not played, will be awarded to the non-offending Club in cases of injury or other reasons.  
    For any reason other than injury, clarification should be sought from the League Secretary.  
  18. Winning Team shall send in the scoresheet, making sure to write in name of all Clubs and which Division the match is in.  
  19. Any match postponed due to the weather should be re-arranged. Home Club to confirm fixture at least 3 days before the match. Clubs can re-arrange by mutual consent. Home Club to let the League Secretary know of the re-arranged date.  
  20. The Home Team shall make available a supply of liquid refreshment during a match. It is agreed that tea and biscuits shall be provided after matches.  
    Scoring of Points (Rules 21 to 23)  
  21. A win will count for two points. In the event of a tie (as defined in Rule 14), each Club will receive one point.  
  22. If any Club fails to fulfil an arranged fixture, confirmed by the League Secretary, as printed in the handbook, then the non-offending Club shall receive two points and the offending Club shall forfeit two points.  
  23. The winner of each Division is the team with most points. In the event of Clubs finishing level on points, then all League positions shall be decided by the best average of games won, i.e. the total games won in all matches shall be divided by total games lost.  
    This procedure shall decide all League positions including, as necessary, promotion and relegation.  
    Where a Club resigns form the League before completion of its fixtures, the Management Committee shall have power to expunge match results involving the Club as they decide.  
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