North Kelsey and District Mixed Tennis Leagues

Notable events
in the
history of the League

    Year   COMMENTS    
1966   The North Kelsey & District Mixed Tennis League formed by Brian Glover & Cyril Bennett who become first Chairman & Secretary.
The League is formed for village clubs only and starts with one division of 8 playing each other once in best of 3 couple long sets
1967   Alan Wright from Scampton becomes new Chairman    
1968   League expands to 10 clubs in one division playing each other once.    
1970   Works teams allowed to join, plus club second teams.
League expands to two divisions of 7 teams playing each other home & away.
1971   Jack Austin of Market Rasen takes over as Chairman    
1972   League expands to having a Division 3 which is split into 3N and 3S.
Two winners play-off for right to go into Division 2.
1975   Rolly Shacklock of Caistor becomes Chairman.    
1976   Derek Housam of Scotter becomes Treasurer.    
1977   Brian Chudley of Blue Circle, Kirton Lindsey becomes Chairman.    
1979   Chris Plumtree of Blue Circle, Kirton Lindsey becomes Treasurer    
1980   League expands to 5 Divisions of 6 teams playing home and away weekend tennis.
League Tournament started.
Two teams from same club allowed to play in same division.
1982   A total of 33 teams play in the 5 divisions of the weekend tennis, the highest number attained.
Tie-Breaks introduced into the first two sets of each rubber.
New 2-couple mid-week timed tennis division introduced with 6 teams.
1985   Tie-Breaks in all sets introduced in weekend matches.    
1986   Tournament split into two to cater for Divisions 1 & 2 playing separate to Divisions 3,4 & 5.    
1987   Keith Wadd of Appleby-Frodingham, Scunthorpe becomes Chairman.    
1989   Knock-out Cup, played in the evenings, introduced.    
1990   Final year of Division 5 weekend.    
1992   Division 4 Weekend becomes a 2-couple timed division. Division 2 of Midweek Timed Tennis introduced.
John Tomlinson of Caistor becomes Treasurer.
Final Year of the Tournament
1997   Last year of the Knockout Cup    
1998   Last year of Division 4 weekend. Divisions 2 and 3 become 2-couple timed tennis.    
1999   N. Kelsey Winter League played at the Grange Park Bubble started with 2 Divisions of 6 teams.    
2000   All weekend divisions become 2-couple timed tennis.
Last year of Division 3. Peter Salsbury becomes Treasurer.
2004   N. Kelsey Web site created by Allan Thompson.    
2005   Cyril Bennett dies at Xmas after 40 years as League Secretary.    
    2006   Keith Wadd becomes acting Chairman and Secretary.
Robert Burrell of Graiselound becomes Treasurer.
    2007   Clare Mounter of Haxey becomes Fixture Secretary.    
    2008   Keith Wadd / Allan Thompson move league towards using email and excellent website and doing away with paperwork.
Two weekend and two midweek divisions only with total of 18 teams.
    2009   No handbook, all communication by email and website. Now only 1 midweek division. Total teams down to 16.    
    2010   Mens Two Couple timed division started with 8 teams. Mixed teams down to 12 in 2 weekend and 1 midweek divisions.    
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