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4 May, 2011

Updated information about Choosing a Racket and included a link to a site that allows comparison of weight, swingweight and flex.

14 September, 2010

Vets team information added:-
Mens Vets 1st Team, Mens Vets 2nd Team, Ladies Vets 1st Team, Ladies Vets 2nd Team and new Ladies Vets 3rd Team

Pages contain details of Fixtures, League Tables and Results from the official Lincs Web Site

14 September, 2010

Team Officials page revised to pull in up to date data from Membership database.

27 April, 2010

Secretary (Sally Bradley) Telephone number changed to 07813141873

16 April, 2010

Read the match report of the 'Young Pretenders' v the 'seasoned stalwarts' written by a chastened Tom Hale.

5 February, 2010

New merchandise partner added. Buy lots more products bearing the GTC Logo!

19 September, 2009

Tennis Centre Closed Tournament results added

2 July, 2009

New menu system added to Home page of Web Site.

15 April, 2009

Added information about the annual allocation from the LTA of Wimbledon Tickets and the Draw which takes place in April at Grimsby Tennis Centre.

24 March, 2009

Added Sally Bradley as Secretary, Trevor Kelly as Director to Organisation Page along with Julian Ward to Coaches and Juniors duties. Simon Baldwin added to Captains page as Captain of AEGON League Team, Trevor Kelly as Captain of Mens First Team, and Clive Lovell as Captain of Mens Second Team.

2 February, 2009

The web site has been moved to a new host at from The new host provides more space and more advanced features to allow the web site to include, rich media content. Over time these new features will be used to provide more content! It may take a few days for the site search facility to be fully operational. If you have difficulties, please let me know by using our feedback form.

28 January, 2009

21st November, 2008

  • New pages for the Singles League now provide more readable information - not a picture! The pages are now updated automatically as information on the league changes.
  • Take a look at the new Tables, Players Index and Standings pages

24th October, 2008

  • Champions of the Grimsby Tennis Centre Championships now posted;

20th October, 2008

  • Mixed League details posted in a new system which uses Google Documents to post the information direct from the spreadsheet used to maintain the Mixed League.

30th July, 2008

  • Price of flood light tokens increased to £1 for 20 minutes to reflect increased energy charges
  • Closed Tournament advertised.. sign-up!

7th June, 2008

12th April, 2008

7th April, 2008

5th January, 2008

27th December, 2007

  • Rules Quiz Added to Coaching Page
  • Ever had a bad line call? Learn how to deal with the situation here!

27th November, 2007

9th November, 2007

27th October, 2007

24th October, 2007

18th September, 2007

  • Champions of the Grimsby Tennis Centre Championships now posted;

2nd September, 2007

1st September, 2007

29th May, 2007

28th April, 2007

  • New Web Site Front page created and loaded - Please let us know if you like it!
  • New interactive location map added with compliments from Google!
  • Printed route instructions added to location information

24th April, 2007

6th April, 2007

22nd March, 2007

  • Adam Wrightham appointed as First Team captain! - Congratulations Adam - carry on the tradition!

21st March, 2007

  • Singles League Tables for March 12th to April 30th posted in a the new web page format which allows Leagues to be printed much more easily.

23rd February, 2007

  • Ladies Fixtures Secretary - Sue Nunn, added to Team organisation page
  • Online Calendar provider changed to Google Calendar because old Calendar provider, Trumba, introduced charges
  • Annual General Meeting added to Calendar for 26th March, 2007
  • Lincolnshire League Fixtures added to calendar
  • Weekly Schedule added to Calendar

5th February, 2007

  • Some more excuses added - can you guess who made them?
  • Singles League Tables for January 21st to February 28th posted in a new web page format to allow you to find and print your League much more easily.

20th November, 2006

9th November, 2006

26th October, 2006

1st October, 2006

30th September, 2006

1st September, 2006

  • Welcome to our new Coaches; Alan Holmes and Mark Lashbrook. They are both qualified as Tennis Assistants. Mark and Alan welcome enquiries for their services!