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The Grimsby Tennis Centre is proud to be associated with the companies below :-

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Fox Moving


Fox Moving


A family owned, national moving and storage business providing a quality service in all areas of the industry. The Group has roots reaching back to the 19th century but the company today is a result of development and expansion over the last three decades.

With branches and partners throughput the U.K., the company can cater for all requirements from the simplest, to the largest and most complex tasks.


Wilson & Co  


Wilson and Co

Wilson & Co. commenced trading in March 1998 in Scunthorpe; under the leadership of Robin Wilson, Managing Director.

At Vauxhall's request Wilson & Co. become the Vauxhall representative in Grimsby and Immingham in May 2000. This created one of the largest Vauxhall territories in the UK spanning east from south Doncaster along the M180 corridor to the coast.

Wilson & Co. is rated nationally in the top 5% of all Vauxhall dealers in terms of customer satisfaction. This is all down to the company's customer care philosophy and on-going staff training



Tri-pack Logo

Tri-pack is at the forefront of plastic packaging.

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Page updated: 7 February, 2009