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Still a relatively new sport to the UK, racketball is becoming a hugely popular sport attracting equal participation from men and women, young and the not so young.

Although relatively new, racketball has the potential to become major racket sport at the centre. Tournaments and inter-club competitions will provide an ideal platform for those who wish to play at a competitive level; however, many people will subscribe to the social interaction the game provides.

Racketball is an ideal sport for all ages and is the easiest to play of all the racket sports. Not as complex as tennis nor as demanding as squash, the short handled racket helps eye / ball co-ordination. Even the most inexperienced players find it easy to pick up and fun to play with its longer rallies and its strong social dimension. Doubles racketball is a fun game and is commonly played - unlike doubles at squash!

Racketball is big in the USA where it is played on special courts. Here in the UK, these special courts are rarely found and so the UK game is developing on squash courts and indeed the game is administered by the body governing Squash in the UK.

For an introduction to the game click here.

Use the buttons on the menu above or visit the racketball links page to find out more about the game.

The squash court can be used by tennis members who have paid the optional small extra fee.

Bookings for the court are made on the sheet which appears in the corridor to the squash court near to the token meters.

The lights are operated by using tokens which are available from various people at the Centre and the current list can be found here.

If you are interested in being considered for any racketball teams, please click the button.    

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Page updated :- 24 February, 2007

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