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Julian Ward
Ian Skelton

The Open Singles league operates to provide competitive singles play to all players at the Tennis Centre.

There is a separate Ladies Singles League.

It is hoped that money prizes can be awarded by sponsors (when we find one) for the most matches played and player with the highest points total.

The LTA have agreed to use results of matches towards the rating of players, there is a way of improving your rating! (See below)

There are four or five players in each Division and matches are to be completed by each Division within a month. At the end of the Month there is promotion and relegation from each tier of the pyramid of Divisions. The aim is to have one 'top' Division and two Second Divisions etc.

Entries for the 'Open Singles League' should be made to:- Ian Skelton

Entries to the 'Ladies Singles League' should be made to :- Julie McGregor

The League is simple to take part in :- the tables are kept up to date on this website or check the notice board in the Clubhouse and arrange one game per week. It is best to arrange the games for the whole month as soon as possible to avoid disappointment later.

Please note that Group Tables will be posted on the Clubhouse notice board and on this web site.

Please note that several players have been removed from the league in the past for not fulfilling fixtures. If you do not want this to happen to you, you must keep the organiser informed.

LTA Ratings

1. For matches to count towards rating evaluation, both competitors must be current LTA Player Members and have a LTA Rating. If you are not an LTA Member, please access the LTA Web Site or alternatively call the LTA Membership Department on 0845 8737202 to obtain an LTA Membership Application Form.

British Tennis Membership is Free to members of Grimsby Tennis Centre

2. Although the Box Leagues may contain players of each gender. Male vs. Female results cannot count towards LTA Ratings.

3. Results will be forwarded to the LTA Competitions Services department for inclusion in the appropriate LTA Ratings Run at the completion of each Box League Period.

4. Check out the ways of improving your rating here.

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