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Singles Champions

Role of Honour



2019 Mens Singles Champion - Adam Wrightham with Chairman Andrew Lashbrook 2019 Ladies Singles champion, Gabrielle Ellis with Chairman, Andy Lashbrook

Gentlemen's Singles

Mens Trophy
The Bill Thickett Cup

Ladies Singles

The Charley Butters Cup

2019 A. Wrightham Mrs. G. Ellis
2018 A. Mitros Not Played
2017 A. Lashbrook Mrs. G. Ellis
2016 T. Kelly Mrs. G. Ellis
2015 A. Wrightham Mrs. T. Cardy
2014 T. Kelly Miss. J. Cardy
2013 A. Wrightham Miss. F. Lashbrook
2012 S. Baldwin Mrs. T. Cardy
2011 A. Wrightham Mrs. T. Cardy
2010 S. Baldwin Mrs. G. Ellis
2009 T. Kelly Mrs. M. Mitros
2008 J. Beal Mrs. G. Ellis
2007 A. Wrightham Mrs. G. Ellis
2006 A. Wrightham Mrs. G. Ellis
2005 A. Lashbrook Miss. L. Manners
2004 A. Thompson Mrs P. Brown
2003 A. Lashbrook Mrs P. Brown (formerly Gillott)
2002 Not Played
2001 A. Lashbrook Mrs. J. Lashbrook
2000 S. Millward Mrs. J. Lashbrook
1999 R. Hewitt Not Played
1998 R. Hewitt Mrs V. de Borrekens
1997 A. Lashbrook

Mrs P. Gillott


D. Lee

Mrs P. Gillott


A. Thompson

Mrs. J. Lashbrook


A. Thompson

Miss A. McCourt


T. Kelly

Miss A. McCourt


A. Thompson

Miss S. Hope


A. Thompson

Miss S. Hope


E. McMahon

Miss S. Hope


Not Played

1988 T. Kelly Miss P. Goodwin
1987 T. Kelly Miss P. Goodwin
1986 A. Lashbrook Miss E. Bassford
1985 Not Played Miss A. Bassford
1984 A. Lashbrook Miss A. Bassford
1983 A. Lashbrook Miss C. Hewson
1982 A. Lashbrook Mrs. A. Perkins
1981 A. Lashbrook Mrs. H. Mossop
1980 R. Ravenscroft Mrs. H. Mossop
1979 A. Lashbrook Mrs. H. Mossop
1978 Not Played
1977 C. Goddard D. Fraser
1976 C. Goddard Not Played
1975 C. Goddard S. Farrar
1974 C. Goddard S. Farrar
1973 Not Played

1972 C. Lingard C. Purvis
1971 R. Charlton C.M. Robinson
1970 Not Played
1969 C. Lingard M. Campling
1968 J.A. Hilton Miss P. Hunt
1967 C. Lingard Miss P. Hunt
1966 C. Lingard Not Played
1965 Not Played Miss M. Boyd
1964 M. Pick Mrs M. Copeland
1963 M. Pick Mrs.M. Steele
1962 M. Beckitt Mrs.M. Steele
1961 W.A. Mason Mrs M. Copeland
1960 C.F. Butters Mrs M. Copeland
1959 W.A. Mason Mrs M. Copeland
1958 Not Played
1957 A.H. Cannon Miss J. Webb
1956 A.H. Cannon Miss J. Webb
1955 A.H. Cannon Mrs. E. Rowe
1954 F.W. Goodwin Mrs.W.E. Thickett
1953 J.F. Taylor Mrs.W.E. Thickett
1952 J.F. Taylor Mrs.W.E. Thickett
1951 J.N. Haste Miss M.Carter-White
1950 J.N. Haste Mrs.W.E. Thickett
1949 J.N. Haste Mrs.W.E. Thickett
1948 R. Wain-Heapy Mrs.W.E. Thickett
1947 R. Wain-Heapy Mrs.W.E. Thickett

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