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The Grimsby Tennis Centre's annual tournament now takes place during the summer and hopefully floodlight tokens will not be required!

There are Mens, Ladies, Mens Doubles, Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles categories with all doubles partners being drawn. As far as possible, entrants who have played for GTC Teams will be seeded so that two team players cannot play together.

An Under 18 tournament is held for boys and girls under 18 years of age at the start of the tournament.

All matches have courts and times allocated and should, if possible, be played at that time, although if this is not possible matches can be arranged to be played before the scheduled time for the next round.

All matches are the best of two tie-break sets and a match tie-break if necessary. Complete Tournament Rules are available by using the Menu above and selecting Tennis/Closed Tournament.

Players will be notified by email of their first match in each event. Winners are responsible for noting when their next match is. Players to report results to the organiser.

Please keep an eye on your email box, the website and notice board for entry details.

The draws were first placed online in 2006.


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Updated :- 14 July, 2021

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