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 Captains Duties

The Team Captain acts as an ambassador for Grimsby Tennis Centre at all times and should set an example in behaviour.

In addition, there are several matters that need organising….

  1. For Senior Teams, before the start of the Season, Team Captains should agree the names of those players who are to be nominated for particular teams and relay this information to the Fixtures Secretary along with their telephone numbers.

  2. Check the League Rules
  3. For senior matches only, the Captain should organise the team in conjunction with the other Team Captains and ensure that players are not asked to play for a team when they are not able to under the rules of the League. A new way of doing this has been created using a Google Spreadsheet which links to the Membership database for up to date contact information and to the Fixtures Database which is maintained by the Fixtures Secretary. Using the system keeps track of appearances and availability of all members - including new ones! A video of how to use the system is available here. Contact the Webmaster for details

  4. For senior Matches only, ensure that the visiting team Fixtures Secretary is contacted at least 3 days before the fixture to confirm arrangements. The Fixtures Secretary of a visiting Club may be found by accessing the GTC Web Site Team Information Pages.

  5. Check the location of away matches. See the Lincolnshire Clubs Location map.

  6. It is particularly important to check weather conditions in case of postponement.
  7. Met Office

  8. At Lincolnshire League home matches it is usual to provide refreshments during the match and afterwards. During the match orange and lemon cordial are usually provided and afterwards, sandwiches, cakes, tea, coffee or alcoholic drinks. Team Captains need to organise team members to bring sufficient food for themselves and the visiting team (usually three players bring sandwiches and three bring cakes).  The Captain may need to arrange the loan of a bar key from the Bar Committee.

  9. After a Kelsey Mixed League match it is usual to provide orange and lemon cordial and afterwards tea or coffee and light refreshments.

  10. Act as Host to the visiting Team, welcoming the team and showing them the Tennis Centre, Changing rooms, toilets etc

  11. Arrange the draw or order of play.

  12. Ensure that the net is the correct height and that balls are provided on each court. New balls must be used for each match and are available from the Tennis Ball organiser

  13. Ensure that the scorecard is completed at the end of each rubber and at the end of the match. Within 72 hours, the winning Captain is responsible for entering the scores online. The losing Captain is responsible for checking that the scores have been entered correctly.

  14. Arrange for drinks after each rubber and organise the refreshments and tea at the end of the match.

  15. Ensure that the match fee of £2.00 per team member per match is collected and passed to the Tennis Ball organiser.

  16. After the visiting team have departed, the Captain should check that the Club House is left tidy and the pottery and utensils stored properly

  17. After the game, put the score on the Notice board for members and, if possible, write a brief article for submission to the Sports Desk at the Grimsby Evening Telegraph.


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