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Mini Tennis is about providing a fun and exciting introduction to tennis. It‘s exactly what the name suggests – a modified version of the real game of tennis. The game is designed primarily for children but in truth it’s a fun way to play tennis for all ages and abilities. It allows young or inexperienced players to learn the skills and tactics of tennis and actually play the game.

The Mini Tennis concept involves three colour-coded stages in the sequence of traffic lights that chart children's progress in tennis.

Mini Tennis Red
Mini Tennis Orange
Mini Tennis Green

Mini Tennis is the first stage of the tennis pathway in which children gradually progress through the stages according to ability. In the process, the court size, racket length, ball speed and the length of games all increase until the player is ready to move onto the full game.

In a structured Mini Tennis programme the guiding principles are the needs of young children. A good programme includes coaching, competitions, holiday activities, a social environment and links with schools.

More information from the Lawn Tennis Association can be obtained here

Coaching at Grimsby Tennis Centre is by Julian Ward who should be contacted for further details.

Mini Tennis Red

At this early stage, children are introduced to the basics of the game. They start developing the core skills of movement and co-ordination, take part in lots of fun activities and play short matches and team competitions.

Court Size :- 12m x 6m area that can use a badminton court or across a tennis court. Net height is 80 cm and service box is 4m x 3m
Balls :- Larger than a tennis ball with a gentle low bounce; 8 cm sponge ball or red outdoor ball
Age Group :- As a Guideline players are aged 4-8 years.
Rackets :- Depending on size and strength of player: 43 cm - 58 cm (17" - 23") long A maximum length of 58 cm(23") is recommended for safety
Mini Tennis Orange
Court Size :- Played on a full size tennis court modified to 18m in length; the Orange baseline is half way between the service line and full court baseline. Width and net as normal court. Tramlines used for doubles play.
Balls :- Orange ball - tennis ball size, softer and lighter than a normal tennis ball.
Age Group :- Normally 7-8 years and above depending on size and strength.
Rackets :- Depending on size and strength of player, generally 58cm - 63.5cm (23" - 25")
Mini Tennis Green
Court Size :- Normal tennis court.
Balls :- Green ball - tennis ball size, slightly softer and lighter than a normal tennis ball.
Age Group :- Normally 8-9 years and above, can vary depending on starting age and ability.
Rackets :- Depending on size and strength of the player but normally 63.5cm - 66cm (25" - 26")

Page Updated:- 5 February, 2010

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Mini Tennis Red Mini Tennis Orange Mini Tennis Green