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It is now 21 years since the lottery was first launched at the Club.

The Lottery has been extremely successful as a fund raising scheme and it has also been ' a bit of fun'.

However, in recent years the participation has been in decline and as such it has been decided to close it with the last draw being in August 2005.

The GTC would like to thank all of those members who have taken part ... some from the very first draw in 1984, without whom the improvements to the Club's facilities would not have taken place.

To those members past and present whom also encouraged friends and family to join a very special 'thank you'.

The GTC runs other fund raising schemes including a Christmas Draw, so any member wishing to take part to buy squares at £1 each or donate prizes are most welcome.

Thanks again for your continued support.

Andrew Lashbrook



For the price of a small fee you, the GTC Lottery had regular draws on the third Friday of each month for sums ranging from 5 to 100. The draw was made at the Tennis Centre and was usually accompanied by a social event. Money raised by the GTC lottery was added to Centre funds. See for details.
Lottery Winners 2004/2005
Month 5 20 50 100
September  T.C. Moss  G. Steer    
October  Mr. C. Lovell  Mr. C. Lovell    
November  Mr. N. Philips  Mrs J.E. Lashbrook    
December  Mr. N. Censi  Mr. I. Skelton  Mr. R. Pritchard  
January  P. Millington  Mr. N. Censi    
February  Mr. M. Johnson  Mrs. K. Oxborough    
March  C. Needham  R. Banks    
April  J. Ward  M. Steer    
May  F. Lashbrook  N. Phillips  P. Brown  
June  N. Preston  R. Pritchard    
July  J.P. Lashbrook  M. Johnson    Mrs.J.E. Lashbrook


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